The Combi Oven – 3 Cooking Functions into One Piece

A combi oven air fryer can combine three cooking functions into one piece. It is one of most versatile pieces in a kitchen’s arsenal of top-quality cooking equipment. The combi-steamer is another name for this oven. These ovens can be fan or dry heated, as well as steam which can then be injected into it when the food requires.

Combi-Ovens have many advantages, as they are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can produce beautifully roasted tender meat joints. Because they are heated with steam, the meat will not dry out or lose its moisture. This allows them to save weight.

Vegetables that have been steam-cooked in a Combi-Oven rather than being boiled in hot water retain more of the vegetable’s natural goodness and colour. Steaming delicate fish in a combination oven allows for preservation of their texture and flavour.

They can be used as convection ovens with fan drive. This oven provides even heat in the oven cavity.

Pre-cooked food can quickly be brought up to serve temperature. This reduces the need to keep food warm for extended periods of time.

It’s not just for baking and steaming.

Although you might be tempted to think that the oven’s many flavours will make it difficult for you to cook different foods, most ovens allow you to use the self-cleaning feature to get rid of any residual flavours.

Combi Ovens can be made to fit any size kitchen. To determine the right size oven for you, you must first determine the amount and type of food that you intend to cook. A reliable supplier will be happy to help you do this.