The Glue Down method for installing hardwood flooring

The glue down method for installing flooring companies near me is the most common. You’ve reached the right place if you’re looking for the basics of installing hardwood flooring with the glue down method. Do-it yourself hardwood floors can be unstable and last a long time. This glue down method is preferred. The glue down method for installing hardwood flooring is proven to work.

Tools Required When Installing Hardwood Flooring

Square Notched Trowel – This trowel should measure one quarter of an inch in length for glue application.

Dust Pan and Broom – Use a broom to sweep away any saw dust from under your floor panels. When installing hardwood flooring, the last thing you want is a lumpy floor.

Carpenter’s Crayon – This is what you use for marking where you’ll cut your panels. This can also be used to mark the surface on which your panels will be laid. This will be useful for any glue-down method.

Circular Saw: You will use your circular saw for cutting panels. Your circular saw will also be used to score the substrate sheets every eighteen inches. This is crucial to avoid curling panels.

Glue: Many hardwood panel kit come with their own glue. Bostik’s Best Adhesive is my top recommendation for hardwood panel glue.

Lace Nails: These nails will be used for connecting panels to walls or wall strips.

Plywood Substrate Sheets: These sheets are placed on top concrete and go under your hardwood floor.

Soft Cloths – These are needed to remove glue from hardwood flooring installation. You will need to take extra measures to remove glue that has been allowed to set. Some glues and chemicals require special chemicals in order to be removed once it has set. After installing your hardwood floors, you will need to clean them up with soft cloths.

Rubber Gloves – It’s better to glue your glove fingers together than your own fingers! People don’t like to have dried glue on their hands after installing hardwood flooring for many weeks.